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Play Therapy

Play Therapy: Resolving Children’s Trouble through Creative Arts and Play Therapy.

Play Therapy is a way of helping children with behavioural and emotional problems, to help themselves through play.

Toys are used like words and play is their language.

A variety of art materials, toys, dress-up clothes, books, games and sand trays, are used to help the child access their feelings

Play Therapy is not a “talk “ therapy. The child leads the play and the Therapist provides a safe and caring environment working with the child so that they are at ease and will use their time in the Play room for optimal growth and development.

Play Therapy provides a medium to explore relationships, express feelings and/or fears and offers a way to self fulfilment

It is especially suited for children from 3 to 11 or 12 years of age.

Is your child experiencing difficulties in any of these areas:

- suffering from anxiety following a traumatic event, loss of a loved one or as a result of family break up?

- problems with aggression or acting out behaviour?

- being bullied or being a bully?

- having nightmares?

- Difficulty concentrating in school?

I am also a certified Autplay Therapy provider. Autplay Therapy is a play therapy based approach to working with children and parents dealing with autism disorders and other developmental disabilities. Autplay Therapy is a combination of behavioural and developmental approaches that is both therapist and parent-led.

The Autplay Therapy approach aims to help these children, who often struggle with emotional regulation, social skills and building relationships. It is suitable for young children and teenagers.


Pauline Bagnall


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