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SiRONA Clinic 

Building your pathway to better Health and Fitness


Is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by German born Joseph Pilates.

Pilates exercises are controlled movements, when properly and consistently practiced, you will:

  • Improve flexibility
  • Build strength
  • Lengthen & balance muscle tissue
  • Develops control& endurance in the whole body
  • Improves Postural alignment
  • Develops a sharp core
  • Improves coordination and balance

Pilates is beneficial for Sports people, the rehab from injuries, rehab after back surgery or back pain, general fitness and toning, pregnancy.

Clinical Pilates

On a one-to-one basis. The aim is to get you moving “pain-free”, correcting posture and alignment within a few sessions and then moving you to a group fitness class or specialised class, i.e., pilates pre/post natal, pilates pre/post surgery, pilates osteoporosis/arthritis.

Pilates for Fitness

These classes usually consist of mat exercises with a focus on technique. Then as you progress from beginners we introduce props like pilates ball, fit circles and flexi-bands to create more energetic class, feeling the burn and more weight loss.

We also introduce balance work, foot and ankle strengthening and strengthening work with weights.

Karen Bourke, with 20 years background in ballet, has been a pilates teacher for the past 10 years. She is also registered Physical Therapist.

For class times and one-to-one bookings call


Karen: 087-2430640

email: [email protected]