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SiRONA Clinic 

Building your pathway to better Health and Fitness

The Beach Method

The Bach Method is focused on providing self-help and self-healing, empowering you to express and overcome any underlying negative emotional challenges you need to deal with. Fear, depression, anxiety, anger, grief, bullying, stress, shock, post traumatic stress, poor self-esteem or no self-confidence, even lack of concentration. All need due understanding and help from time to time.

I use the Bach Flower Remedies in a unique blend of the individually chosen 100% natural Bach flowers, based on the negative emotion selected allowing you the insight to be a willing participant in your own healing process.

Bach Flower remedies can be helpful with emotional negativity related to pain and suffering, the Bach system does not work on the physical element and should not take the place of any other pain management medicine prescribed by your doctor.

Mission: Balance Emotional Wellness & Obtain Harmony

The aim is to give adults and children insights to help themselves to develop a greater understanding of their own emotional challenges associated with different stages of adulthood and childhood. Individually chosen remedies to specific fundamental concerns of everyday mental health, social anxiety, grief, emotional pain & suffering. Enabling and empowering them, to improve the overall balance and bring harmony for all, to be willing, to be a part in their own self-healing process.

The 38 Bach Remedies.Flower Friends to Help You Mend.

The Bach essences I use are the Bach Original Flower Remedies selection.

They are 100% natural, simple, safe and easy to use. There are two types to choose from one is in a grape alcohol solution the other is in glycerine solution. Suitable for all the family.

Create A Positive Change

Positive Thoughts Create Positive Results

I suggest that keeping a journal is essential to understanding your emotions. If you write down everything you are thinking or feeling without censoring it.

You can gain an insight into what is genuinely bothering you. Whether it is a known fear or an anxiety you cannot name. With this process of de-layering it enables you to select the Bach flower essence relevant to that negative emotion.

Enlightening you to health & healing.


Mary Murray

BFRP Registered Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner

Phone 086 1560278


email: [email protected]‚Äč